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Co-Response Initiative

Enhancing mental health crisis intervention through collaborative partnerships.

What is Co-Response?

What is Co-Response?

Co-Response delivers crisis response in collaboration with local police departments, ensuring that individuals in a mental health related crisis feel safe and get the support they need in order to stabilize.

Co-Response is an interactive approach to emergency response and crisis intervention that involves both law enforcement officers and mental health professionals working together to address situations involving individuals experiencing mental health crises or emotional distress. This model recognizes that traditional law enforcement responses may not always be the most appropriate or effective way to handle such situations, especially when mental health issues are involved.

In a co-response model, specially trained mental health professionals called clinical co-responders are paired with law enforcement officers to jointly respond to calls involving individuals in crisis. The clinical co-responders provide expertise in de-escalation techniques, crisis intervention, and assessment of mental health needs, while law enforcement officers ensure the safety and security of the situation.

Overall, co-response represents a proactive and compassionate approach to addressing mental health crises, emphasizing collaboration, empathy, and the prioritization of individual well-being.

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