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Mission Moments

Our Mission in Action: Providing Emergency Assistance and Support to Those in Need

Date: February 20, 2024Author: Noel Santos

Providing Emergency Assistance and Support to Those in Need


One week before the Christmas holiday, our Community Support Services (CSS) team encountered a dire situation affecting several of our clients living in Newark. Due to water damage and a collapsed roof, five individuals were facing homelessness. Immediately, our CSS team sprung into action without hesitation.

CSS staff were able to secure temporary lodging for all five individuals in a nearby hotel. Understanding the immediate needs of our clients, we provided essential items such as clothing, food, and other necessities to ensure their comfort and well-being.

But our support didn't stop there. Ensuring no one was left without assistance during this challenging time, our CSS staff took on an additional individual facing homelessness because of this crisis and referred them to our Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH) program.

What started as a one-night emergency stay extended into a week-long effort to assist our clients in transitioning to more stable living conditions. CSS staff tirelessly advocated on their behalf, engaging with landlords and securing accommodations at the YMCA for longer-term stays. Additionally, we initiated the process of helping them tour different apartments since their building was deemed inhabitable, a crucial step towards finding permanent housing solutions.

Now, all five clients have found their new apartments and will be moving in between now and March 1st.

These moments remind us of the significance of our work, and the continued support of MHA's supporters empowers us to respond swiftly and effectively to the needs of our community.

Our mission moments are truly inspiring, showing us firsthand the incredible impact of MHA’s values and purpose in action, showing how impactful, meaningful, and important our mission is.


Two men carrying boxes of aid labeled food and medicine